Here are some of the special events we have planned at Green Leaf Grill. Check back as we add special lunches, chef demos and pop-ups.


  • Tuesday, January 22: GLG Chef's Table Cooking Class
    Healthy breakfast options
    Will be promoting healthy breakfast options throughout the cafe all month long; raffle drawing with certain number of purchases.


  • Nailed It! Competition
    Pick a cookie or cake to create; will be judged on Tuesday, Feb. 14
    Heart Healthy options throughout the cafe for Heart Month


  • Tuesday, March 5: Mardi Gras
    Menu: New Orleans favorites
    Sampling events on March 14 and 21 for National Nutrition Month


  • Tuesday, April 16: GLG Easter Party
    Menu: Traditional Easter fare
    Easter egg hunt with the Easter Bunny


  • Thursday, May 2: Cinco de Mayo the Fourth Be With You
    Menu: Mexican