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At the Green Leaf Grill our goal is to provide fresh, wholesome meals that inspire employees and customers to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We want to prove that “nutritious” foods are not just beneficial to your health; they taste great, too.

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Our Registered Dietitian

Stephanie Bassett, RD

Stephanie is a registered dietitian with 14 years of culinary and dietetics experience. She started her career by working as a diet aide in a long-term care facility before continuing onto to complete her Bachelor's of Science degree from the University of Florida in Nutrition and Dietetics. Stephanie has worked mainly in the clinical area, where she has worked in long-term care facilities, as well as inpatient and outpatient hospital settings. Wellness is her passion and that's what has brought her to Little Rock. Stephanie's goal is to help others improve their lives with sound and relatable nutrition recommendations.

Simply 600

Create your own 600 calorie meal in 3 easy steps

Simply 600, a daily lunch entree prepared each day with the help of our registered dietitian, provides a balance of protein, whole grains and vegetables. Every Simply 600 meal will contain less than 600 calories, 20 grams of fat or less, no more than 5 grams of saturated fat and less than 600 mg of sodium.


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Simply 600 provides you• 600 calories
with a balance of protein• 20 grams total fat
whole grains and vegetables• 5 grams saturated fat
with no more than:• 600 mg sodium